An educational program offering the teachings of a Yogic Lifestyle, mindfulness, and yoga-based on ancient Egyptian and Vedic doctrines of Tantra Yoga and Kundalini activation to Healthcare and Corporate Organizations. A clinically proven and evidenced based yoga postures, breathing techniques and chakra meditations are used along with mindfulness to create a state of well-being.

Tantric meditation and yoga are a dynamic form of meditation movement that awakens consciousness for the purpose of liberating shakti (Kundalini) energy and stimulating the Chakra system (Energy centers of the body). Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit, tan, meaning “expansion,” and tra, meaning “liberation.” This type of meditation is in contrast to most yogic meditation as practiced in the West, where the goal is tranquility and relaxation. We go in depth with the balancing of feminine and masculine energies within the body to create harmony. Activating the chakras help in self-healing and rejuvenation of mind body and spirit.

Meditation Movement; Tantra Yoga Asana

A unique practice of Hatha Light Body Activation

Sacred Geometry Meditations

The scientific art of bringing focus and clarity

Lifestyle& Philosophy Of Energetic Body Healing

Sacred and ancient philosophy based classes focused on mindfulness and self love

"Why are you so enchanted with the world, when a mine of gold lies within you."



Dr. Kavita Beri is a Board-Certified Physician, Scientist and published Author in the field of Internal Medicine, Regenerative Medicine & Cosmetic Dermatology. Dr. Beri is also the founder of BE MIND BODY SKIN an integrative aesthetics and wellness spa with a focus on the new science of "Vibrational Cosmetics" a mind body & skin approach to anti-aging in Ocean New Jersey. She is an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Scientist at the Center for Dermal Research at Rutgers University New Jersey. She has published several scientific articles and presented both nationally and internationally on her research on Vibrational and Quantum healing as well as Vibrational Cosmetics. She has spoken at Teen Vogue Summit , In-Cosmetics North America , Euro Cosmetics and interviewed by Woman’s Health Magazine on her work with the Microbiome, Mindfulness and Meditation. Dr. Beri is also a reviewer for several journals in regenerative medicine. She serves on the Editorial Board for the Future Science Journal, and the H&PC Today Magazine. Her passion is in mind body and skin regeneration and its connection. She is a certified yoga teacher RYT Yoga Alliance , training new yoga instructors on Philosophy of Yoga and the Mind Body and Soul connection. Her background in Tantra Yoga tradition and various other Yogic backgrounds influenced from esoteric Egyptian and Vedic Doctrines, are the basis for her work in the Ether room of the spa, as well as the Educational Collaborations of her Yoga Philosophy teachings through the BE School of Light with Healthcare Organizations and Corporate Organizations.