"Meditation is a tool to self-discovery. Sitting in silence, focusing on one’s breath and allowing your mind to be clear and alert. Discovering what is superficial and going in deeper and digging up what’s buried inside, what’s meaningful, what I hold dear, what I think is wrong, and what I see happening. Digging deep and bringing this to the surface to be resolved is a journey…. Participating in the Yoga Study was a self-reflecting experience, especially doing it with my colleagues who I interact with daily". -AV

"Under the guidance of Kavita, understanding the inner chakras, has allowed me to bring all parts of me together, it’s an experience I would recommend all to try. Being in the health care system we are pried apart, through this practice you will be able to bring yourself together". -MS

I really enjoyed Yoga mindfulness course,I listened to meditation audios on my way to work and other times I could and spent my day more calm and peaceful.I also loved dr Beri’s yoga classes, she tought us many challenging postures with proper breathing techniques.Mindfulness meditation and yoga classes helped me feel more grounded, calm and find harmony with my soul.-AM

"The Yogic Lifestyle study was the best practice I've done so far. I felt my stress level decrease and was more focused after each session, increasing my resilience. Dr. Beri helped me remember how important it is to take some time off in the day to slow down and be mindful. Today I still practice mindful eating and I meditate every day. I will restart my yoga practice with at least 10 to 30 minutes per day. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this study". -MB

“ The experience participating in Yoga with Dr. Kavita Beri was incredible, her passion and desire that we can understand and take advantage of the yoga experience is impressive. I really loved it and I hope I can have it as a lifestyle and be able to reflect all that positive energy that the doctor transmits.” -DR