Each program is customized to the organization and its needs as far as scheduling and duration required. It is designed to serve Health care organizations, Corporate and Government Organizations to help their staff/ employees benefit from self-empowerment, mindfulness and well-being.

Eight-fold Yogic path based on the Yoga Sutras enlightens us on the fact that yoga is just not the Asana (poses/physical practice of Yoga) but a “lifestyle” that once adopted can help empower the mind, body, and spirit to regenerate and heal the self.

Our custom education videos, onsite training offers a wide range of tools for the healthcare providers to create a routine for the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

An educational program offering the teachings of a Yogic Lifestyle, mindfulness and yoga based on ancient Egyptian and Vedic doctrines of Tantra Yoga and Kundalini activation. Tantric meditation and yoga are a dynamic form of meditation movement that awakens consciousness for the purpose of liberating shakti (Kundalini) energy and stimulating the Chakra system (Energy centers of the body). In fact, Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit, tan, meaning “expansion,” and tra,meaning“liberation.” This type of meditation is in contrast to most yogic meditation as practiced in the West, where the goal is tranquility and relaxation. We go in depth with the balancing of feminine and masculine energies within the body to create harmony. Activating the chakras help in self-healing and rejuvenation of mind body and spirit.

A series of videos to support our on site education on Yoga, Mindfulness and Well being. Subscribe to our community dedicated to share the light, and wisdom to help yogis and seekers on the path of enlightenment.

Recommended Reading

A Quick reference guide to the multidimensional you on the Tantric Path

  • Kavita Beri MD

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A beautifully illustrated step by step reference guide that is based on the author's personal experience of expansion of the consciousness on the Energy Healing based Tantric Yoga path. The author touches on the various paths of achieving expansion in yoga and focuses on her personal experience of being a Tantrika exploring how to balance the feminine and masculine elements within. The theosophical origins of Tantra Yoga can be dated back to ancient methods of self-healing based on chakra/ energy-based meditation-movement, mantras and sacred geometry meditations. The book is laid out sequentially to describe expansion stages, with activation of the light body, Merkavah as well as balancing of the masculine and feminine elements with the awakening the Kundalini shakti. Energy based healing has roots from Ancient Egypt, The mythical lands of Atlantis as well as Indian and Buddhist esoteric backgrounds. The book is illustrated with authors personal drawings as well as images that have inspired the author. There are references to ancient philosophical texts and quotes that have guided the expansion process. It is meant to be used as an illustrated quick reference text for students on the Path of Tantra and Energetic Healing for self-expansion and exploration. This is the first in the series of books by the author on energetic and vibrational healing of the body.

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