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Looking for vibrant glowing skin?

This is a blog site that is focused on "Vibrational Cosmetics", creating harmony between the mind body and skin. A great resource that offers skin care tips, recipes for creating that balance in the skin-gut-brain .

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Join us online for a dive into Esoteric wisdom, discussing books, ancient philosophy and discussions on spirituality, travel to sacred sites exploring cultures , sites and sounds. We have a selected playlist of our favorite channels that dive deeper into guided meditations, mantras and yoga. Interviews with the mystics, saints and the sages to get their insight on this journey's wholesome path to the self.

New to Plant based? Here is a great resource!!

Gaz is a professional chef who started his career at the age of 14. He hosts his own cooking show on You Tube, sharing his delicious vegan recipes, many of which are real masterpieces. Gaz knows how to cook in style, and his camera work and instructions are excellent.

Did you know Ayurveda recomends foods based on body type, assesed by your Dosha. You are what you eat!

Checkout our favorite blog site for Ayurveda Wholeness, recipes and more insights on an ayurvedic life.

Wanting to keep that skin care non-toxic and earth friendly?

Check out KYVTA an exclusively vegan skin care brand, "Earth Friendly Cosmetics for a Vibrant Glow"

Follow Dr Beri @kavitaberimd on Instagram, where pictures are worth a thousand words. Her personal spiritual journey learning and expanding her consciousness by always being the student on this path.